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Fire Glaze Water Beading with 1 Coat after 1 Year
Protective Coatings Plus 99 Cobra Show car
Protective Coatings Plus 99 Cobra Show Car
Fire Glaze Auto Polish Sealant
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Fire Glaze Water Beading with 1 Coat after 1 Year
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Your Only US & Domestic Authorized Source For Fire Glaze Auto Polish and Professional Auto Detailing Products

NOTE: Protective Coatings Plus is the only US company that can guarantee FRESH stock and support the manufacturer's "3 Year Guarantee!"  No other company is Authorized, due to old stock....feel free to verify with Fire Glaze  manufacturer.

Stop Waxing Forever Guaranteed!

Fire Glaze Professional Auto Polish is not just about getting a great shine. It is the high gloss finish, in combination with the 3 years paint protection guarantee and the incredible ease of use that gives you the most FANTASTIC auto polish sealant in a single bottle. No car wax comes even close. Unlike consumer grade car care products found in stores, Fire Glaze is a professional line of detailing products. 

Here is the Truth:

Fire Glaze is simple and easy for ANYONE to use, giving the professional results you would only expect to pay for, in just one step.  It leaves no messy white residue and it bonds to the paint.  The bond takes 3 years to break down, so it does not wash off  and gives the longest lasting protection from a single coat. Its unique silicate properties also leave no swirls even when used with a buffer.  The Fire Glaze concept is really that simple.

Or you can choose to continue with the tradional time consuming, back breaking effort of using wax  or other snake oil type products.  However, after you spend your time and effort, regardless of your results, it all comes off after the first wash or rain. This is because wax or silicone based products are all superficial, regardless if they cost $1.00 or $100.00. 

So please choose how you would like to enjoy your vehicles.


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Regardless Of Your Needs See The Fire Glaze Difference:

Boring Shine? Give your vehicle an unreal mirror-like show car shine in only one step. If you have oxidation you will need the Micro Finishing Compound first.

Buying a new vehicle? Enhance your factory paint and protect your expensive investment; 3 years paint protection against oxidation.

Restoring a vehicle? Rid oxidation and make that paint pop; or apply to fresh car paint after 48 hours.

Selling your vehicle? This is a must to increase your resale or trade-in value instantly.

Waxing a chore? Eliminate all excessive labor, with the fastest and easiest auto polish sealant.

Fire Glaze auto polish is used on all make/model vehicles. New and Used. Clear Coat safe.

Removes oxidation, surface contaminants and surface scratches in only ONE step. It is not only an auto polish for cleaning, but a paint sealant and auto glaze all-in-one.

Easiest on and off polish with almost no white residue. Prevents bugs, tar, water marks, etc from sticking to paint.

Fire Glaze Car

3 Year Paint Protection Guarantee!

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